Visit Venezuela: Here’s why it’s South America’s premier tourist destination

Tourism Venezuela has developed significantly over the past few years. The wonderful contrast in the landscapes and the rich biodiversity combined with a tropical climate and favorable geographical location has made Venezuela a popular tourist destination.

This South American country is blessed with natural beauty in the form of the Andean peaks, Orinoco delta, Caribbean coastline and Angel Falls which is the highest waterfall in the world. When you take a trip to Venezuela, be sure to visit Merida which is the gateway to the Andes and home to the highest point in the Andes Mountains- Pico Bolivar.

To enjoy your holiday in Venezuela, a visit to the Margarita island is a must. It is very modern and the beautiful beaches, castles, fortresses and churches offer plenty of sightseeing opportunities. The capital city Caracas is a cosmopolitan and highly developed place. Night clubs, restaurants and shopping malls attract tourists. Visit Venezuela to take a look at the historic city of Coro and the archipelago of Los Roques with its pristine beaches.

The Amazon river that flows through Venezuela is home to a large variety of unique animals and plants. The Angel Falls are situated deep within the  Canaima National Park. You need to go into the jungle to reach it. This is an adventure which you should not miss.

Yet another aspect of the Venezuelan landscape is the Sand dunes at Los Medanos de Coro National Park. The presence of a desert is unbelievable in a tropical region. Travel Venezuela to discover the different pockets of such a diverse country.

Image Source: Pixabay

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