Tourists discover the world’s most UNUSUAL foods when they visit Uzbekistan

People from all over the world take a trip to Uzbekistan to taste its multi-flavored and diverse cuisine. The Uzbek cuisine is one of the most savory cuisines of Central Asia. The wonderful fragrance of the popular dishes like Plov, Manti, Shashlik, Lagman, Shurpa and Samsa makes a person’s mouth water.

Tourism Uzbekistan is promoting the gastronomic pleasures of its country to lure people to visit Uzbekistan. The methods of preparation are centuries old and they are accompanied by various rituals. The abundance of meat is evident in dishes like roast, kebab, pelmini and bogursak. Fresh fruits and vegetables like melons, grapes, greens, nuts and berries are used in the dishes to add to the flavor.

Sour milk dishes and pastries form an important part of the Uzbek cuisine. They make amazing sweets like khalva and navat. Complex dishes of rice and vegetables are prepared in the South whereas people living in the North prefer the use of mutton, beef and horse meat to prepare lepeshka, roasted meat and plov.

If you want a taste of the authentic Bukharan Jewish cuisine, you can try dishes like Osh Palov, Baksh and Oshi Sabo. Green tea is the preferred beverage and the wines of Samarkand are very famous. A holiday in Uzbekistan should be immediately planned to enjoy the hospitality and gastronomic experience that the country offers. Book travel Uzbekistan tickets for your next vacation.


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