If you love poetry then here’s why you must visit Turkey now

The culture of Turkey is very diverse because it has elements of the Turkic, Anatolian, Ottoman and Western cultures blended in it. Creativity runs in the veins of the Turkish people and it is evident in the 19th Century human paintings, Turkish folk music, Ebru art, Miniature paintings, epic literature and classical poetry of this country.

The rich history of Turkey combined with the beautiful beaches and mountains makes a trip to Turkey irresistible. The ancient history of this country is visible in the ruins and monuments. These relics trace the journey of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires that had ruled over this place for thousands of years. A trip to the sprawling Topkaki Palace in the great city of Istanbul can give you an idea about the life of the Sultan. You can also take a look at the Lycian ruins on the Mediterranean coast.

The olive groves along the Aegean Sea, beautiful vistas of Anatolia, Alpine landscape of the Kackar Mountains, golden beaches of Patara and the fairy chimneys at Cappadocia are must visits when you holiday in Turkey. You can take ‘gulet’ cruises along the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas or try paragliding and trekking to highland pastures.

Tourism Turkey offers water activities like rafting, kayaking, surfing and diving. The Grand Bazaar at Istanbul is a haven for shopping where you can but the famous hand-woven Turkish carpets. Taste the spicy Mediterranean cuisine along with a glass of cay and finish your mean with delicious baklava. Travel Turkey to get the best vacation experience.


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