Watch these 5 tourists go WILD when they visit Tunisia

Located in North Africa, Tunisia is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert. You can take a holiday in Tunisia to see the cosmopolitan capital city of Tunis, coastal beaches and resorts of Monastir and Sousse, the Antonine baths and ruins of Carthage, the traditional Jewish quarter of the Djerba island and the Great Mosque of Kairouan.

The ruins of the Roman ampitheatre of Thysdrus and the desert homes of Berber are also must visits during the trip to Tunisia. Tourism Tunisia offers mediterranean bliss through its balmy beaches and fresh seafood, art and musical festivals as well as old towns and authentic souks. You can visit the small town of El Kef to take a look at the Ottoman and Byzantine architecture and the historic town of Sfax which has an old kasbah. Through Tozeur, you can travel to many oasis villages in the Sahara desert.

Visit Tunisia to experience the Roman influence through the museum at Sidi Bou Said, town of Oudhna, water temple at Mount Zaghouan amd the grottoes at Ghar el Kebir. You can taste the Tunisian brandy Boukha and local specialities like Shorba Frik and Coucha. Travel Tunisia to experience a perfect sun-sea and sand holiday.

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