Visit Syrian Arab Republic NOW! Why it’s almost too late to see this beautiful country

This Arab nation of deserts, mountains and fertile plains has always attracted people from different parts of the world. Its capital Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It has a medieval feel to it and the narrow valleys and courtyards lend a touch of enigma to it.

You can visit the Umayyad Mosque which is a study in religious tolerance because it contains the Christian shrine of the Head of St John Baptist. You can also take a sauna in the Hammam or Turkish bath. A trip to Syria is incomplete without visiting the ancient ruins of Palmyra which contain stunning archaeological sites. The Temple of Bel is the best preserved site among the ruins. Tourism Syria also offers visits to the Azm Palace, Mausoleum of Saladin, National Museum of Aleppo and Nachal Sa’ar.

A holiday in Syria means visiting the port cities of Lattakia and Tartus, hiking in Mashta and geocaching. The greatest of the crusader castles Crac des Chevaliers stands as a testament to the Christian influence over Syria. The Middle Eastern Hamidiyeh souk is a treasure trove which contains winding alleys full of spices, gold, perfume and nuts. Visit Syria for your next holiday by booking travel Syria tickets as soon as possible.

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