An Epic Journey to Uruguay’s incredible natural diversity

Uruguay is a South American country which has a beautifully mild temperate climate throughout the year. It is surrounded by several water bodies like the Uruguay river, Rio de la Plata estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. The Punta del Este resort town has two coastlines of Mansa and Brava which trace the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean on one end and the completion of the River of Silver on the other end.

Your trip to Uruguay must include a visit to the Lunarejo valley which is full of ravines and valley and gorges which look picturesque. This area is rich in biodiversity along with the Vulture Gorge which is the largest canyon in Uruguay. Tourism Uruguay offers you the chance to enjoy boating, fishing, bird-watching and horse-riding in the Esteros de Farrapos National Park.

The region of Rocha is a must visit place during your holiday in Uruguay. It has amazing landscapes and waterscapes to offer. There are freshwater lagoons and wetlands which give shelter to thousands of migratory birds. There are plenty of activities that you can engage in like taking a stroll through the vineyards, sightseeing at Casapueblo, walking in the nature parks, going for mountain biking, trying hang gliding and surfing.

When you visit Uruguay, you can experience the land of contrasts that it is. You can shop and dine at the cosmopolitan Montevideo or Punta del Este and enjoy the scenic beauty of Colonia, watch wildlife along the Atlantic coast and explore the hot springs of the Rio Uruguay. Travel Uruguay and experience its natural beauty first hand.

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